Our production

Our production

productionOver the years, we have selected a beautiful range of ornamental shrubs that we now offer this online store. We hope that this selection will please you as much as us. The seedlings are available only in small sizes is to say 45/110cc plugs and potted 4 ". We produce hardy plants, vigorous and adapted to Quebec's climate. All plants are produced in Quebec.

You can easily select plants using our search tool or by selecting specific features such as flower color, plants, birds or plants valued ignored deer etc..

Whether you're a fan or novice in gardening, you will discover the joys of cultivating young trees in your garden. You will enjoy watching them grow, because this is part of the pleasures of gardening.

You will reap great pride and a special attachment.

This is what we wish you all my heart.

Good gardening.

Francine and her team

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