Shop online instructions


Listed below are instructions that will enable you the user to quickly find your way through the online store.

Before you start shopping, you can connect to the portal JardiClub by entering a username and password (see login menu). If you do not have a portal account JardiClub, click "Register" - a process that is quick and easy registration. Once registered, the account JardiClub facilitates tracking orders, updating billing delivery, and more.

How to shop?

  1. To access the online store, click on "Shop" link on the menu.
  2. To your left is the menu,''Product''Category, choose the shrub you would like to purchase click on''details''of the product and you can read its full description.

How to search for a product?

  1. If the product name is known, use "Search" button in the left menu to quickly find the product.
  2. Enter product name or keywords wait a moment and a list will appear, click on''Read more ...'' and you will be directed to the retail product.

How to add items in the shopping cart?

  1. On the "Product Detail" under''Please select a tab'' Select the product format, you will be directed to the''Format detail'' of the product.Enter the "Quantity" of products you wish to purchase.
  2. You will be directed to the menu of your shopping basket, you can always consult your cart by clicking on the''View''basket.
  3. The "Cart" screen lets you view and edit items added to basket.
  4. Enter a "coupon code if applicable, (see condition).
  5. At this stage you can click on another product underneath''Product-Categories''or any other links you want and continue shopping until you have everything you need and you're ready to "Checkout".

How to check-out?

  1. All items you desired are in your basket and you're ready to order, click on''Order''.
  2. You are directed to the''Shipping address'' link, make sure there is no error in the shipping address, click ''Next'' button at the bottom of the page.
  3. You are directed to the ''Transport'' link , choose your transportation, click''Next''to continue.
  4. You are directed to the ''Method of payment'' link, choose your method of payment, click ''Next'' to continue.
  5. You are directed to the''Checkout'', verify your information and place your order, click''Confirm''.
  6. You will receive confirmation of your order via e-mail under which you registered.

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